Safety Rules

Adopted June 2005

  1. Engineer
    1. Passenger Engineer Qualifications:
      Any member of RLS or recognized live steam club who demonstrates that he has the knowledge, judgment and skill to operate a live steam locomotive will be qualified as an engineer.
    2. Responsibilities:
      The Engineer is responsible for the safe handling of his engine and train. They must work in close cooperation with there conductor or brakeman, observing and obeying all signals given by that person. They must run their engine in conformance with the club safety rules at all times.
    3. The Engineer must whistle out the flagman when stopped on the main line, and whistle in the flagman when ready to proceed.

  2. Trainman (Conductor or Brakeman)
    1. Qualifications:
      Any qualified RLS trainman or qualified member of a recognized live steam club, who demonstrates that he/she has the knowledge and judgment to handle passengers safely may be qualified as a conductor or brakeman on public passenger trains.
    2. Responsibilities:
      They must have a red flag or light, a signal whistle and an operating bull horn in their possession at all times when acting as a Trainman on public passenger hauling trains. They must act as flagman whenever the train stops on the main line. They will give the required signals to the engineer for the operation of the train.

  3. The Board of Directors shall relieve from duty, or restrict the duties of, any member who violates the safety and operating rules.

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