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Allen Ten Wheeler and Cars

Allen Ten Wheeler and Cars
Sweet Creek Mogul

2005 Carson Cargo Trailer Click Here


Price lowered. $ 3500 or best offer

Chloe not a Gene Allen Chloe. Steel frame. Fabricated cylinder block. Needs work. Needs drivers turned. I stopped running the engine as I felt it was starting to pick switch points. Tires would not be a bad idea. The trailing truck pivot is quite low. Has scraped on high center grade crossings. Large pilot beam. I did not want the cab operated cylinder cocks knocked off if there was a derailment. Couplers front and rear. Valve gear is a bit loose. Needs main rod bushings. The throttle is a simple slide valve. Leaks. Take the dome off and the throttle rod comes with it. Boiler is unknown. Last boiler inspection 10-11-98. Expired 10-11-99. Been in my garage ever since.

Coal fired with stainless steel grates. Ash pan door slides to the side. Two rods support the grates. Pull them out the side and the grates come out easily. Superscale Chicago injector. Crosshead pump. Put a Superscale atomizer valve in the feedwater line. No bypass. Worked fine.

As is where is.

I do have the Gene Allen Chloe prints.

Also, 16 five gallon buckets of oil coke. Small size. Free, just come and get it.


cell 909-348-4474

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