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Past Happenings...

September Chronicle. Here it is... packed with all sorts of live-steam, railroady goodness! Dave

RLS 2013 Spring Meet photos. Work Day getting ready for Spring Meet. Photos by George Bartlow. Click Here.
Work Day getting ready for Spring Meet. Photos by Joan Adams. Click Here and Here

February Chronicle. Yep...  it just doesn't get much later than this before I'd have to call it the "March hronicle".  But, just think:  Another Chron will be
released in just a couple weeks!  That's Chronolicious! - Dave

2013 RLS Annual Club Dinner. Photos from our 2013 Annual Dinner. Click Here.

Very Windy and Cold at RLS on the 27th, after two trips with no passengers in the station OS closed the railroad down at 1:00PM.  We only handled about 90+ passengers.  We were ready however, Brook was sitting in the station at 9:30 AM, safety's lifting, brakeman on aboard but no public.  It looked like it could rain at any time but never did.  Steam photos sure look good with the cold temp. -Rich Click Here to see the photos.

Here are a ton of photos from the first club run day of 2013. Click Here.

Ken Casford forwarded us some New Year's Day run photos from the BC&SRR near Kansas City, MO. Click Here to see the photos in the Road Trip gallery.

Happy New Year Everyone!!  I hope everyone had a safe, pleasant New Year and Christmas Season. Click Here.
- Dave

December 9th Public Run Day photos. Click Here and Here.

December RLS Chronicle. Merry Christmas, everyone!  See you next year! - Dave

November 25th Public Run Day photos. Click Here and Here.

November 11th Public Run Day photos. Click Here.

Here are a ton of photos from the 2012 Riverside Live Steamers Fall Meet. Photos provided by Joan Adams- click here. Photos provided by Jim Wood - click here. Photos taken by Mike Massee - click here.

October 14th Run Day Photos
Here are a few photos from the October 14th Run Day - WITH CAPTIONS!!!.

Hello Everyone! Just in time for the Fall Meet! Mark your calendars! The October Chronicle.
- Dave

Here are a few photos from the September 23rd Run Day.

Though not the hottest Run Day of the year, it was probably the most humid. Here are a few photos of the Run Day. Click Here

September Chronicle
In the midsts of heat waves, the landing of the Mars Rover, flash floods and lighting storms, Back To School, the start of the NFL season, the National Conventions and National Toasted Marshmallow Day your Chronicle Editor-in-Chief Dave Parrott has put together a whopper of a Chron!!

August Chronicle
Hello Everyone! Yes, I know: The last Cron was SO late.. and this one SO early. But if you read through the pages of this Chronicle, you'll understand why I released it very early. Enjoy!! - Dave

July 22nd Public Run Day
A BIG THANKS to all the members and volunteers that braved the heat an humidity to help out on the railroad today. You can click on the image above or click here to see the photos of the day.

New in "Road Trip"
Chris Enright has sent in some photos from his trip to Train Mountain. You can click on the tab at the top of the page, the pic just above or right here to see the images of his trip.

June 24th Public Run Day
You can see the photos of the Run Day by clicking on the link above.

June 10th Public Run Day
See photos of the first Run Day of June!

May 27th Public Run Day Pictures
A beautiful day for live steam railroading!

Update in the "For Sale" Section
Are you looking for a new engine, project or parts for a little freelance kitbashing? Well, your search is over!

May 13th Public Run Day
A big thanks to all the R.L.S. members that came out on Mother's Day to help out on the run day.

City Lunch
A few photos from our 2012 City Lunch.

The Spring Meet!
Photos from Saturday afternoon of the Spring Meet.

RLS Video!
If you were at the 2011 RLS Annual Dinner you were able to see the great video put together by the Parrott Family. If you missed it or you want to see it again, thanks to Dean Willoughby you can enjoy it on YouTube.

What's New......

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We have a NEW Photo Gallery!!! Check it out HERE.

Click HERE for the old RLS photo gallery.

The August Chronicle

Here is the RLS Chronicle for August from the Publishing House of Adams and Adams. -Rich

The July Chronicle

From the Publishing House of Adams & Adams attached is your July Chronicle. Enjoy!! Road 2

The June Chronicle

Latest Edition from the Publishing House of Adams & Adams!  Enjoy! Rich Casford

The May Chronicle

Here is the May RLS Chronicle, enjoy!!

The April Chronicle

Here is the RLS April Chronicle from the publishing house of Adams& Adams. Enjoy!!

The March Chronicle

Hot off the press, the March 2015 RLS Chronicle from the House of Adams (Secretary Brook and Treasurer Joan) with helpers Dayna and Scott Horgan assisted in producing this new issue of the famous RLS Chronicle. Can anyone name the engineer on the front cover right hand side.....????

The December Chronicle

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Dave P.

The July Chronicle

Howdy Everyone! Hold onto your hats, folks... cause this here's the wildest read in the wilderness! Enjoy! Dave P.

The June Chronicle

June Chronicle is now posted. Dave


The January Chronicle

Happy New Year, everyone!  See you at the Annual Dinner!  Dave


The December Chronicle

Merry Christmas, everyone!  Enjoy!  Dave


The November Chronicle

Lot of Locomotives  +  Lots of people  =  Lots of pictures!  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Dave

2013 RLS Fall Meet

Our 2013 Riverside Live Steamers Fall Meet was a huge success! Here's a summary of the attendance over the three day event.

- 19 Locomotives under steam.
- 39 RLS members, 15 members of other clubs, and 8 invited visitors present

- 27 Locomotives under steam!
- 37 RLS members (including wives), 6 members of other clubs, and 4 invited visitors present.

- 12 Locomotives under steam
- 3 more RLS members on Sunday only, 10 visitors present

- 28 Locomotives under steam
- 79 RLS members
- 23 Visitors from other clubs
- 22 Invited visitors / family members

George Bartlow snapped TONS of great photos from our 2013 Fall Meet. Click Here. Gary Mocko also sent in some incredible locomotive photos. Click Here.


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