Safety Rules

Adopted June 2005

  1. The Operating Superintendent or Safety Inspector has complete jurisdiction over all personnel and equipment in the steaming area.
    1. Engines and equipment will be loaded and unloaded at the steaming area only.
    2. All vehicles (including trailers) will be moved to the designated parking areas as soon as possible after unloading or loading.

  2. Engines will not be steamed up if annual inspection requirements are not complied with
  3. Safety chains or clamps must be attached to the rail to prevent movement of engine or other rolling stock when they are on the steaming or service tracks.
  4. The reverse lever must be left in the center or neutral notch when steaming up or servicing.
  5. Before leaving the steaming areas:
    1. Boiler will be brought up to operating pressure.
    2. Safety valves and pressure gauges will be checked for proper operation.
    3. Water gauges and try cocks will be blown down to insure clear passages and proper operation.
    4. Injectors and feed water pumps will be tested for proper operation.

  6. Trainman must protect downhill movement of cars on engine leads to prevent runaways, in case of train separation.
  7. No person shall ride on any train between the station and the compound except the engineer and the brakeman.
  8. The turnable/hoist shall be operated by qualified Riverside Live Steamers personnel.

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