Safety Rules

Adopted June 2005
  1. It shall be the duty of the Operating Superintendent to oversee the safe and efficient operation of the railroad and all associated club facilities in accordance with the Safety and Operating rules and make final decisions on items not covered by said rules when the occasion arises.
    All non-members shall be approved by the Operating Superintendent as qualified to carry public passengers prior to the carrying of the public by the non-member.
  2. Supervision and Authority:
    Every member of the Riverside Live Steamers Inc., is responsible for safety and the enforcement of these safety rules.
  3. All members participating in the operations of the railroad shall have a copy of the safety rules in their possession.
    1. The Station Master shall have complete charge of the station. All passenger loading and unloading and the arrival and departure of trains will be done under his direction.
    2. The Station Master shall also see that all public passenger trains are manned by qualified conductors or brakemen.
    3. Qualified brakemen or conductor is at least ten (10) years of age and has passed the brakeman class or qualifies under the grandfather clause.

  4. General public passengers shall be loaded and unloaded at the station or any area designated by the Station Master or the Operating Superintendent.
  5. The public will be hauled on the 7-1/2” gauge cars with side. Cars without side shall not be used.
  6. Public Passengers shall always be seated and facing forward. Arms and legs shall be kept inside the cars when the train is in motion, and passengers should be advised of this prior to departure from the station.
  7. In accord with the City of Riverside Park Rules forbidding the use of alcoholic beverages within the Park, it is the policy of RLS that no alcoholic beverages shall be permitted in the areas under it control, including the steaming compound, station, Allen's Valley, and all rights of way.
    Members in violation of this policy may face reprimand, suspension or expulsion according to the Rules of the organization. Members are reminded of their responsibility for their guests. Guests or visitors in violation of this policy will be asked to leave RLS premises.

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